YCF is a loving, Spirit-led community that invites the entire campus to question, experience and follow Jesus fully.

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We host spaces where we encounter God through scripture and prayer, hold campus-wide events that spark "changeful" faith conversations, cultivate a community centered on friendship and trust, and host invitational gatherings throughout the week.  We also aim to go beyond the campus and love our city through practical service and thoughtful collaboration. All are welcome to come and see no matter if God feels near, far, or unfamiliar.

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  1. Dear young brothers and sisters in Christ:

    My daughter Melody Chen, a junior at Ohio State University, is going to Unilever Connecticut for a co-up intership starting Jan, 2015. It would be very blessing if any of your fellowship people can contact her and invite her to your fellowship. She doesn't have friends in the area and really needs the Lord to help her starting the new life and work there.

    Sorry I write this email to you. As a Christian mother, I pray and take a brave step to write to you. If you think you can help, I will ask Melody to contact any of you first.

    Thank you and in Christ,
    Lily Chen

  2. Yes we would love to have Melody join us! I am sorry for taking so long to respond to you. My email is wesley.chavis@gmail.com. You or Melody can contact me there. We look forward to meeting your daughter.


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